Each company has its unique character and its own story. Pousadas de Portugal knows this better than anyone. We have ideal settings for totally unique events in landmarked buildings. To make it truly memorable, we serve our excellent Portuguese cuisine at your event to ensure that each moment is savoured with the very best that Pousadas de Portugal has to offer. Create your tailored event with us. There is an iconic location rich in historical symbolism perfect for your company’s story. Let’s talk!

Conferências e Reuniões Pousadas - Localizações


Imagine having a meeting in a magnificent castle, in a beautiful monastery or in a charming manor house, where centuries of history and culture intertwine. At Pousadas de Portugal, we believe that the setting for an event can inspire creativity, foster relationships and create lasting memories. Our unmatched spaces provide a unique and sophisticated atmosphere.

Conferências e Reuniões Pousadas - Gastronomia


Pousadas de Portugal offers a unique culinary experience, serving an enticing variety of regional dishes created with meticulous attention to detail. Delight in the delicate aromas and distinct flavours of Portugal’s culinary treasures, where your palate is rewarded with an unforgettable journey through the finest flavours of the local cuisine.

Conferências e Reuniões Pousadas - Atividades


We believe that Pousadas de Portugal offers ideal settings for meetings, presentations, team-building, or any other activity that you wish to provide for your company. Let’s design an immersive experience together that is specifically put together to promote teamwork, strengthen relationships, inspire your team to reach new goals, or meet up with partners.