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The Website uses cookies to keep the website secure and functional, to improve the performance and experience of users on its site and to advertise its products and services. This Cookies Policy (hereinafter, the "Cookies Policy" or “Policy”) allows you to obtain more information about the method of collection, storage and use of cookies by accessing the Website and may, whenever necessary, be supplemented by applicable legislation in this regard.

Note that this Policy is not applicable to third-party websites that can be accessed through links available on the Website. It should also be noted that this policy does not regulate the processing of data carried out by third parties when it obtains data through the cookies installed. These data are the responsibility of the third parties who collect them.

To ensure the rights of users and the privacy and protection of their data, the Website provides a tool for the management of cookies. You may access and configure your consents and ensure a free and informed choice of cookies, here:

 1.What are cookies? 

Cookies are small text files, usually in html format, stored by a website on your equipment (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.). All cookies and other technological forms, such as tags, pixel tags, web beacons, user IDs or other technological forms that may be developed, are regulated by this policy (“Cookies”).

On each visit to the Site, your internet browser allows access to the Cookies installed on your equipment, allowing the recognition and memorisation of your identity  (when applicable), as well as the immediate activation of your usage preferences. These Cookies will only be installed with your express consent, except in cases where they are Cookies that are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the Website.

As for strictly necessary Cookies, if you wish to delete them or automatically block them, you can do so in the "Help" menu of your browser. However, if you do not allow the use of these Cookies, you will be increasing the vulnerability of your equipment to security intrusions and failures and you may even be unable to activate some features provided by the Website.

2.  What are the cookies used for?

Cookies are used to improve the performance of websites, namely, to increase their efficiency and allow site owners to collect information and user preferences. Cookies also serve to expose you to advertising that is of greater interest to you, as it is based on your interests and preferences according to the information in your browser history and the cookies already installed.

Thus, the storage of cookies allows for faster and more efficient browsing, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information. These are used for different purposes and may be classified according to their origin, purpose and duration.

The specific use of Cookies carried out by the Website is described throughout this Policy.

3. Who do the cookies belong to?

Each Cookie has a domain name associated with it, and may be classified, with respect to its origin, by the following categories:
• own cookies (first-party cookies): managed and stored by the domains of the Responsible Party or its affiliates. In this specific case, without prejudice to the greater detail provided in the link below, as an example, the Website generates cookies for the purpose of ensuring the security and reliability of the website, generating information on performance and analysis, as well as placing announcements and advertisements.

• cookies belonging to third parties (third-party cookies): are cookies managed and stored by entities that have content or systems integrated with the Website. With regard to this category, without prejudice to the greater detail provided in the link below, the Website installs and reads cookies from the following third-party domains:

o AffiliRed;
o Denomatic;
o Facebook;
o Google Adds e Double Click;
o Google Analytics;
o Google Lead Services;
o Google Grecaptcha;
o Google Tag Manager;
o Facebook;
o HiJiffy;
o Microsoft Advertising
o Pinterest;
o Salesforce Marketing Cloud;
o Trust Arc;
o Twitter.

To find out in more detail about which cookies we collect, please upload access to the following link: category=0

4. How do we finalise cookies?

The Website uses various categories of cookies, with each category corresponding to specific purposes:

•  Strictly necessary cookies – are technical cookies, used to ensure the good navigation and browsing of the website and the good functioning of all its applications (:e.g. access to secure areas and exclusive content for registered users), and include, among other things, security cookies, which protect the website from intrusions and cyber attacks. Cookies are also included here that allow the proper functioning of e-commerce functionalities as this is an essential component of the service provided. For these cookies, consent is not obtained, because the Website requires these cookies to provide you with the information company’s services.

• Preference cookies – used to store information about users, avoiding the need for them to re-enter this information (e.g.: remembering log-in, activation of content provided by third-party websites (e.g.: YouTube),  when applicable, to remind you via email that there are bookings waiting to be completed in the shopping cart). They are used in contact forms and in the online account opening or registration process and may be deleted by users at any time. They allow the Website to be customized to the users' needs, namely, by memorizing the source language. 

• Analytical cookies – are used to analyse how users navigate our website and identify navigation trends for statistical purposes and improvements to be made. These cookies can also contribute to building individual and collective consumption profiles.
• Advertising cookies (split between the Responsible Party`s cookies or “own cookies” and those of Third Parties) - are cookies that allow the Website to learn about the user's browsing habits and show advertising related to their profile, that is to say, they allow the Website to effectively manage its advertisements, adapting the content to the user. In this regard, the Website also uses Third Party Cookies in order to advertise the products and services of the Website.

• Location data – when you expressly authorise us to do so, we may collect data about your location to provide you with a service that depends on the use of your location.

To find out in more detail about which cookies we collect, please upload access to the following link :

5. Retention period

Regarding duration, cookies may be classified as:

• session cookies : that last until the browser closes or the end of the session;

• persistent cookies: that are stored for longer periods, so action by the user is necessary in order to delete these cookies.

For more information about the retention period of persistent cookies we have installed, please refer to the following link: category=0.

6. Security, control and blocking of cookies

As cookies may be intercepted or altered, the following security actions are taken:

• Sensitive information such as passwords or personal data used for the purpose of booking stays, such as the customer's address or telephone number, is not stored;

• Unsecured orders (HTTP) are not sent when cookies are sent to the browser in plain text and may be intercepted.

When users access the Website, they will be asked about which cookies they are prepared to accept, through the Trust Arc's Cookie and Consent Management Platform installed on our Website. The user must keep in mind that any lack of consent for some types of cookies - namely functional cookies - may prevent or limit the functions of our Website. You can change your preferences at any time through our Cookies Manager  here:

Alternatively, most Internet browsers also allow the control of cookies through their settings, allowing users to view hosted cookies, as well as their deletion or blocking. Please search the «help» menu in your browser or contact your browser provider. The Website is not responsible for your browser settings or the updates it requires.

7. Changes

The Responsible Party reserves the right, at any time, to change, add, update or delete, partially or totally, this information about cookies. Whenever changes are significant, the Website will invite users to read the Policy and enter their cookie options. For more information about cookies, visit the website 


We remind you that some cookies allow your identification and, to this extent, the Website may collect your personal data depending on your authorisation. In this sense, you should also read and familiarise yourself with the Privacy Policy, available here.

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